Triggre’s most mention-worthy releases of 2018

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At Triggre, we always focus on improving. That is why back in 2017, we launched a whole new version of Triggre. Following this big release we expanded Triggre with a range of cool features over the course of 2018.

Moreover, we have upgraded our trial process to a version that’s even cooler than it was before. All in all, it was a productive year for our team. Please allow us to briefly share our 2018 release highlights!

From creation to launch: Triggre never sits still

In 2018, we have created and launched many interesting things, which we collect under our release notes. But since we just started a fresh, new year, we will list some of our most mention-worthy releases of 2018 below.

  • New document editor
    Quickly create professional, great-looking invoices, inventory lists, letters, and other documents based on the data in your application. Embrace Triggre’s document editor and design your documents in an innovative, easy way.
  • E-mail attachments
    After creating and uploading documents within Triggre, you can attach those documents to your e-mails. This can be PDFs that you made in the document editor, files uploaded by your co-workers or customers or files that you have uploaded before. It’s all possible!
  • Jumping between user flows
    We can image that you’d want to reuse a user flow at a different spot, without recreating all its functionalities from scratch again. In 2018 we have made it possible to jump from one user flow to the other, just by using a simple button.
  • Connection between Triggre and Zapier
    Ever heard of Zapier? It’s a platform , which allows you to connect web applications with each other, in little workflows. Triggre can now connect with Zapier, which means that an action in Triggre can make something happen in another application – and the other way around!
  • Designer lines
    When you design your application, you create connections in your data model and flows. When holding your mouse over items or selecting them, unconnected items will fade out, to provide more insight into the things that are and are not interconnected. Check out our video for an example.

Let the new year begin

We are very proud of the way in which our product continues to help our customers automate their processes. We are confident that we can expand 2018’s positive developments in 2019, and we look forward to another fruitful year!

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