What I’ve learned by being new to the world of IT

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In my other blog, I told you about the need to acknowledge your boundaries before pushing them. Being new to the world of IT, I’ve experienced that it’s better to tell coworkers when you require more time or help.

A platform like Triggre is created to be used by everyone, so if you’re willing to learn, you’ll figure it out. In this blog, I’d like to elaborate on that.

Finding answers to questions: what’s the right approach?

Learning step by step is key. Admittedly, this is easier for some than others. But if you show your coworkers that you want to learn from them, they will understand and help you. Everyone has their own field of expertise.

Sit down with an IT expert to talk about the difficult technical things, ask a superior for feedback on your work or attend a meeting with a sales representative. If you do this from time to time, you will book progress quicker than you think. On the other hand, you should tread carefully to find the right balance when asking questions.

Let me tell you briefly about a company that I used to work for. In the customer service department, people were answering questions of customers all day long.

New employees didn’t have most answers right at hand, so the company had set up a large database containing common questions and answers. The database was easy to use and provided the right answers quickly.

However, some employees skipped the independent searching part and constantly interrupted their coworkers to ask for the right answers. Others couldn’t bring themselves to admit they didn’t know something, so they just guessed, which often resulted in the provision of dramatically wrong information.

My point is that if you have resources available that will help you and get you further without having to bother coworkers, always use them first. This way, you show everyone that you’re actively trying to learn and can work independently.

If you still don’t know the answer afterwards, don’t fret and ask your coworkers! If you show a good personal work ethic, no one will refuse to help you.

How about Triggre?

Triggre is made for people who don’t possess any technical knowledge. However, it is important to realize that no tool is a magical box that will work if you are not open to learning new things.

Triggre is a toolkit that you (and everyone else) can use if you are able to gain the right skills – which is by no means difficult. It only requires a healthy dose of inquisitiveness!

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