What triggered Triggre: an innovative journey towards empowerment

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Empowering companies with great ideas: it has been Triggre’s purpose from the very start. Born out of a frustration about lengthy, expensive software development processes, Triggre helps organizations with a creative spirit realize their ideas. Let us tell you a bit more about our innovative journey!

Disruption is key

After working on major IT projects for several years, we concluded that there was a lot of room for improvement. Long-winded processes that required more patience than creativity were wearing us and our clients out. So we asked, ‘What if organizations could create their own software?’ If they’d have a tool for realizing their tech-savvy ideas – from client portals to platforms – they could start creating stuff barrier-free. No more worries about where to start or how to budget. Software creation should become just as easy as working with an Excel spreadsheet.

Our philosophy was at odds with industry standards, as we believed that changing the way you create software also means changing your business model. Simpler said, in our ideal software creation world, the IT consultant has become superfluous. That’s true innovation: disrupting the current way of working. And it has opened up a whole new world for our clients.

From software hassle to carefree creation

Traditionally, an initial version of new software is so heavily reviewed that after the first feedback collection, experts often claim it’s better to start all over again. Before you know it, you’re trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of meetings, steering groups, and project groups – without any tangible results. Or, the well-known software hassle.

We believed things could be different: carefree, creative, and even fun. What we wanted to do is change the experience at a fundamental level. And the only path towards carefree creation is that of empowerment: if clients are able to create software independently, the hassle will be taken out of software creation.

We composed a brand new team with a progressive vision and a different DNA. The result? Triggre.

What it’s all about: triggers

Triggre: where does that name come from? Well, a fundamental feature of our tool is that it can be used to support business processes. As the traditional business process modeling method is highly complicated, we cut back to the core: a number of triggers lead you seamlessly through the process. That’s the heart of our system. And that’s why we named it Triggre!

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