Why flexible IT is a must-have for Strategic Agility

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Flexible IT is a must in achieving the Strategic Agility we have been talking about in the previous posts. It is essential for supporting your new processes, products and services. Flexible IT also allows you to constantly adapt your IT, to support changing processes.

Many companies use standard software. This software, standard as it is, doesn’t allow you to change it. Preventing you from becoming strategically agile.

No worries. You don’t need to throw away the software you have. You just need a different approach towards your IT landscape.

The figures

Organizations with a multidisciplinary and integrated business & IT approach, achieve better financial results than peers in terms of average growth (+0.4 percent), return on equity (+58 percent), return on assets (+47 percent), return on investments (+45 percent) and EBITDA (+1 percent).

Source: Strategic Agility, by Mark Hulshof, Sjors van Leeuwen and Jesse Meijers 2013

Process and IT flexibility

If you would like to create more process and IT flexibility, you need to divide the business processes and IT systems into ‘layers’, based on their characteristics and sensitivity to change. This approach allows you to develop these layers separately. According to Gartner (2012), every organization has three types of processes that are supported by IT:

  • Core systems: these support the core processes, like an ERP system.
  • Systems of differentiation: these support business processes that allow you to make a difference in the market, like marketing, customer service and sales.
  • Systems of innovation: these are the IT systems that support new innovative initiatives.

Core processes mainly require stable and efficient systems. These systems usually don’t require too much change and flexibility. As they are not a source of competitive advantage. Sources of competitive advantage can be found in the systems of innovation and differentiation.

Systems of differentiation and innovation need to be flexible. They support processes that are often subject to change and where strategic agility is needed most. To ensure this flexibility, you need a new kind of tool. A tool which enables you to quickly develop new and flexible IT software for business processes that determine your competitive position.

Triggre was created with that in mind. Triggre is a platform that allows you to create software that can be adapted easily. A platform that is easy to use and allows you to become more strategically agile.

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