Why Triggre is great for developers

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At Triggre, we use our own product to automate a variety of internal processes. For example, we have applications for registering vacation leave, HRM activities, and invoicing. Having a tool for automating processes, we would be crazy not to use it and make our lives easier, right?

Yet, when our lead architect recently joined us for lunch and asked if he could get a new environment to create a simple application to track licenses of libraries used in Triggre, his request was met with raised eyebrows by some colleagues. Being an excellent programmer, couldn’t he just program this simple application from scratch?

Seeking the challenge

Now of course, our lead architect is perfectly capable of programming such an application by himself. But that doesn’t mean it’s his favorite task in the world. What he truly loves to do is work on more challenging projects, such as Triggre itself. Using Triggre for the creation of a basic application allows him to quickly focus on the tasks that he enjoys to perform.

It is because of those challenging tasks, that he started a career in development in the first place. Creating a form to fill in some data or making a ‘previous’-button in an application, are not those challenging tasks. And that’s why Triggre is so good for developers.

With Triggre, creating process related applications that don’t require hard technical knowledge, can be done by anyone within the organization. This allows developers to focus on more challenging, technical projects that no one else can do.

Slicing onions, potatoes and oranges

Take a chef, for example. A chef starts his career slicing onions, potatoes and oranges over and over again – important skills to master and it creates respect for the process.

As he gets more experienced, works in different kitchens and really becomes a master chef, he does not want to slice onions or oranges anymore. And why would he? He will probably want to start a restaurant and give people an amazing food experience.

But, now imagine the chef writes a cookbook and gives it to people to make his dishes at home. This gives the chef the opportunity to experiment with combining new flavors and creating really technical plates, instead of cooking his restaurants’ menu for people every night.

Because that’s what it’s all about for a chef – and it works the same with careers in development.

Automate the basics

If developers can use Triggre to add a form or create an application in no time, or – even better – if non-technical people in the company can do this themselves, developers get the opportunity to concentrate on more complex issues.

In other words, no more taking on tasks that can be automated by platforms such as Triggre. Instead, developers can again embrace the challenging work that attracted them to their field in the first place!

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