Learn how to build applications in hours. Without developers.

The Triggre Academy is for ...

  • Self-employed professional
  • Process expert
  • Business consultant
  • Controller
  • Functional administrator
  • Web developer
  • Office manager
  • Business analyst
  • Department coordinator
  • Innovation manager
  • Supply chain specialist
  • And much more..

If your company works with software, you need Triggre.

Triggre Academy levels

The Triggre Academy has three levels: Explorer, Ranger and Guide. With each level, your knowledge and skills on making applications increases. Ultimately you will be the go-to person for custom business applications!

Triggre Explorer


Learn how to support and automate business processes with customized business applications on the Triggre platform.

Triggre Ranger


Learn how to create dynamic business applications on the Triggre platform and connect them to other applications to exchange data.

Triggre Guide


The Triggre Guide training will help you learn how to support and train teams to use the Triggre platform.


Learn to create applications with Triggre
195,- ex. VAT
  • Application roadmap
  • Set application goals
  • Create sketches
  • Build applications
  • Triggre Creator account


Create dynamic applications with Triggre
295,- ex. VAT
  • Advanced processes
  • Connect to other apps
  • Advanced navigation
  • Complex calculations
  • Extensive automation
  • Partner commission 15%
  • Explorer needed


Support teams in using Triggre
495,- ex. VAT
  • Demonstrate applications
  • Demonstrate Triggre
  • Create business cases
  • Use revenue models
  • Give support
  • Partner commission 25%
  • Ranger needed