Frequently Asked Questions


Triggre is the easiest way to make powerful, business critical applications, requiring absolutely no technical knowledge.

You can get started for free, without any trial. Free accounts have a limited number of actions per month.

When you create a free account, you start with a short walkthrough of the Triggre Designer. After you complete our walkthrough, which takes about 10 minutes you have full access to the designer.

Triggre is truly no-code, there is no backdoor that you need to know to use advanced options by coding or scripting. That not only makes our platform the easiest to learn, but fun to use. There is no easier way to make business applications than Triggre.

You get the same quality applications as some of our big customers who use Triggre around the globe for business critical applications. At a fraction of the price of what you are used to for enterprise grade custom applications.

No, you don’t have to start from scratch. We offer a wide range of templates to use to get you started in no-time.

All our commercial licenses come with a testing environment called Lab. This environment is completely separated from the Main environment. So you can safely use it for testing, or showing a customer some new idea.

You. We don’t use the data in your application, nor do we take your designs. Everything you make is yours. We take this so far that even in a technical way, the data never leaves the application when you design or publish a new version.

Yes, all commercial subscriptions can be run on a custom domain name.


The Designer is where you design your application. It allows you to visually construct workflows and processes for your application. And with a single click you can publish your design!

To design an application in Triggre, you design the data that you want your application to store, the process blocks  (flow parts) that perform your business logic, the workflows that users use (user flows) and automated background processes (automation flows). All designed in easy-to-use flow chart type editors.

You create data items that have properties. For example, a data item called Project with properties such as Name, Start date and End date. Different data items can be linked together, such as linking Project to User to make each project have a project manager.

Flow parts are re-usable process blocks. These process blocks can find data, perform calculations, process data, make decisions and store data for example. You can then use your flow parts in any user flow or automation flow.

User flows are a combination of a work flow and user interface. It is a visual representation of the workflow a user of your application can do. It can contain flow parts, decisions and pages. Using arrows, you can design what users can do from any point in a user flow.

Automation flows are background processes that require no user input. For example, sending a reminder a day before the deadline that a task needs to be completed.

Yes, you can load different applications into the designer. However, since every application comes with their own designer, practically speaking you don’t often have to.

Triggre has a Zapier connection, which allows you to connect Triggre to the thousands of applications that connect to Zapier. Simply start an automation flow with a Connection triggre to make it available in Zapier after you publish your application.


The Triggre Academy is an education that takes your application design skills beyond just using the Triggre Designer. You will learn how to start and manage projects in such a way that you will easily be able to convince management and users of your application. 

The Triggre Academy consists of three levels. Triggre Explorer teaches you the basics of effectively managing a Triggre project, Triggre Ranger teaches you the more advanced aspects and Triggre Guide teaches you how to teach others in using Triggre.

You will learn how to start your project with right application goal, so management will understand the value of your application. Furthermore, you learn a few strategies how to quickly get the project started. With Triggre Explorer, you maximize your ability to sell your projects.

The Triggre Ranger education teaches you how to best support your customers in their use of their applications. From testing, to maintaining applications, as well as the best strategies to do new releases.

On top of that, our Triggre Rangers earn a nice commission on any customers of theirs that use Triggre!

As a Triggre Guide you are able to train teams in their use of Triggre. Not just the application, but also the Triggre Designer.

On top of that, our Triggre Guides earn the highest commission on any customers of theirs that use Triggre!


Yes, Triggre is completely GDPR proof. The data of your application is protected from other Triggre users, and our platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in Western Europe, which adheres to the most strict privacy policies.

Should a catastrophic failure occur in the Western European data center where the Triggre cloud is hosted, an automatic fallback in Ireland will take over.

No, Triggre cannot run on different databases. There is no need to, since we take care of all the hosting and configuration of servers for you.

No, Triggre is a cloud service and cannot be hosted on a private server. Your data is always separated from other users’ data, since every application has its own database.

Yes, we give you a lot of control over importing and exporting data. Triggre supports CSV and Excel imports, as well as sending data through Zapier connections.


The Triggre Free and Creator subscriptions are for users who want to learn how to make applications and only have a Lab environment. It is not allowed to use this for any commercial activity.

A commercial subscription (Pro or Complete) is needed when you want to commercially use your application. These contain a Main environment next to the Lab environment. When users type in the URL of the application, they are taken to the Main environment automatically.

We accept all major credit cards, iDeal and Bancontact. For recurring payments made by iDeal and Bancontact, we use SEPA direct debit.

When you stop your subscription, we will remove your application and the data. So make sure to export your data before the subscription ends, if you still need it.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by simply going to your My Account page. There is a list of your subscriptions there and you can cancel them, without any hassle.