Discover why creators build their business critical applications with Triggre.


Easily make pages, processes and portals that support your unique way of working.

The easy to use drag-and-drop Designer comes with wizards that guide you step by step. The built-in Triggre Academy offers an interactive e-learning. Including exercises to learn and control every aspect of the Designer. 


Create a relational database with the ease of setting up a spreadsheet.

Use the drag-and-drop wizard to create new data items. Add fields like text or numbers, with clear, readable names. Follow the wizard to effortlessly connect fields to other tables.


Use advanced business rules to automate processes you still do by hand.

Build your own wizards in a heartbeart. For example, to complete forms, generate documents or support approval processes. Include extensive calculations and rule-based decisions to create an extremely dynamic workflow.

User interface

Use your application effortless on any device.

Use your own logo, font and colors or branding. Triggre generates all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for your application. No effort or expenses needed on front-end development. The user interface offers a broad range of functionality. 

Use Zapier to connect your application to the world in just a few clicks.

Your data is created or used in multiple applications. Use Zapier to connect with Triggre. Extend possibilities by using the automatically generated API of your application. Easy to use and completely customizable!

Security & compliance

Continuous active monitoring protects your application against threats.

Built-in security and active monitoring detects and reports unexpected behaviour in the application. Triggre can identify any deviation, because all processes have an expected way of execution.

Your Triggre application is always up-to-date. With every Triggre release, your application will be updated automatically.

Automatic testing

Start building and stop worrying with our built-in automatic testing.

Testing is an important part of the ‘traditional’ application building process. Triggre helps you with that. The integrated automated validation makes sure all your applications work. At all times.

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