Automatic testing

No code. No bugs. Your application always works.

Testing is an important part of ‘traditional’ application building. Triggre helps you with that. The integrated automated testing makes sure that your appliation always works.

Real-time validation

Real-time validation checks the consistency of all items you’ve created. Real-time automated validation highlights items with an issue. Simply follow the given path and the wizard will help you to fix an issue.

For example, Triggre automatically validates data, processes, calculations or input validations.


When you delete a data item or a data property, all processes where you've used this item will be highlighted. This way, you can easily replace it with another data item or delete the fields.


Changing a flow part could affect user or automation flows. When the flow part can't run the way it intended, Triggre will notice that. All related processes will be highlighted and a wizard will help you to fix it.

Input validations

You can put a validation on every input. This means you can create a rule, range or a format condition. This makes sure that all data that is added, is correct. Avoid re-work!


Triggre actively validates the completeness of calculations. This helps you to create calculations that are always correct. Select and combine inputs, operators and predefined functions.


A technical test is a test or validation of a function of your application. You can compare this with testing a door in your house. The technical test makes sure the door will open and close properly. It will not test if the door is placed at the right location, this is a functional test.

Triggre provides a dedicated test environment for every application. This is called Lab. Your Lab environment comes with it’s own database. So it’s completely separated from production data on the Main environment. You can test your application on Lab yourself and give access to a group of test users.