Create a relational database with the ease of setting up a spreadsheet.

Triggre offers you best of both worlds. Transforming your data to a real database and managing and using your data, is easy and flexible. Access your data from anywhere, on any device, any time. 


Setting up a database with Triggre is as easy as creating a spreadsheet. Add fields to your table, like text or numbers, with clear, readable names. 

Simply add a reference to connect with other tables. The Triggre wizards guide you by providing just the options you need for a specific field type. 

Permission based access

Provide access to data by using the built-in Roles and Permissions functionality. Determine exactly who can access your data. The Triggre User Interface is responsive, so you can access your data from any device.

Single tenant

Your data is stored in a single-tenant database, exclusive for your application. This means that you don't share a database with others. For extra security, the databases of your Lab and Main environment are separated.

View, share, use

Use your data in multiple ways. Grant certain roles to view, edit or delete data. All data changes are logged and available in audit trails. Users, imports or connections can update data. Data changes can trigger other processes.

Built-in search

Triggre automatically generates search functionality. Every table comes with a foldable search menu to create advanced queries. Free text search through all data is available as well and results can be exported with one click.


Analyze your data. Take a periodical snapshot and compare with previous snapshots. Automatically indicate with green or red flags based on business rules. Visualize data in a chart. Publish your results on screen or in a PDF.

Batch updates

Use batch updates to update a list of records that meet certain criteria. This is called a repeat action. Batch updates can be scheduled or triggered by an event. For example, when importing a new Excel file or a Zapier zap comes in.

You can easily import data to your database from Excels, other systems or external sources.


Triggre automatically generates an Excel import feature for your application. Use Excel to import all your data with one import file, containing multiple sheets.


Triggre is integrated with Zapier. This default integration allows you to connect with over 3.000 applications. Zapier can create a record in your database. Based on executed processes in your application, Zapier can send records to others.


If the other application is not connected with Zapier but offers a REST API, you can simply use Webhooks. Webhooks in Zapier allow you to call any REST API.

Custom API

The Triggre Enterprise plan comes with the possibility to use our custom API. This allows you to create more extensive integrations with legacy systems or other applications.


Each environment (Lab and Main) has two databases. The application database to store all the data and a database that stores user passwords. This provides maximum protection for sensitive data. 

Yes! There is absolutely no data lock-in. You can export all data stored in your application at all times, without limitations. You can also use Zapier or the API to export data to other systems.