Security & compliance

Continuous active monitoring protects your application against threats.

Built-in security and active monitoring detects and reports unexpected behavior and anomalies in the application, so your application is always safe.


Triggre identifies any unexpected behavior in your application automatically. Your Triggre application is always up-to-date, because with every Triggre release, your application will be updated automatically. No more hassle!

Roles & permissions

Built-in role based access control (RBAC). Manage access and permissions for functionality or specific data.

Single sign-on and 2FA

Integrate with your Microsoft active directory (ADFS) to set-up single sign-on (SSO). Extend with 2-factor authentication.

Data security

Each application has two databases to separate user passwords (SHA-512 hashed) and other data.

Redundant servers

The Triggre Cloud is redundant and spread over multiple physical locations. A fallback location will become active immediately when needed.

Application monitoring

Each application has built-in monitoring and automated event logging. Unexpected behavior is automatically detected and reported.

Platform monitoring

Additional monitoring on resources, processes and performance. Automated detection of deviations and unexpected behavior.


Finding the right balance between innovation and compliance could be though. With Triggre you are covered. Your application and data is hosted in SOC and ISO compliance environments. All your data is tracked with audit trail.


Your application is hosted in datacenters of Microsoft Azure and meets the highest possible standards such as SOC2 and ISO 27001.

Server access

Physical access to servers is reserved for Microsoft engineers. Remote access is only possible from the Triggre network with devices who have a certificate issued by Triggre.

Audit trail

Detailed audit trail of all actions performed on the data in your application. Complete with changed data, user account and date/time of change.

Always up-to-date

With every Triggre release, your application will be updated automatically, so you always work with the latest version!


Yes. With just one click you can block a user. Or easily change a user role or role permissions.

Yes. If Triggre supports your application Triggre will act as a data processor and on request a data processing agreement is available.