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Whether you have a large number of users who need a specific tool, or very complex  functionality for a small group of users: we have the solution!

Are you expecting a lot of users? Then choose unlimited users. You will then pay for additional functionality when needed.

Unlimited functionality
Unlimited users
Get started
0 - 10 users
Get started
0 - 5 user flows
11 - 100 users
6 - 25 user flows
7,50extra active user /mo9,50extra user flow /mo
More than
100+ users
More than
25+ user flows
4,50extra active user /mo4,50extra user flow /mo

Triggre always automatically calculates the lowest price.

Each subscription includes...


Payment services

Give your users the opportunity to make payments in your application with, for €49,- per month.

Automation flow

Want to automate more? Add an extra automation flow to your subscription for €9,- per flow, per month.

Custom design

If you want more customization than our standard templates, you get your own design for €129,- per month.

Escrow & continuity

In the case of very strict legal requirements, you can opt for a continuity guarantee through a third party for €149,- per month.

Daily Guide support

Would you like to have a daily moment with a Guide to help you with your questions? Add Daily Guide support for €95,- per month.

Dedicated server

Do you have to comply with very strict compliance rules? Get a dedicated server for €299,- per month.

Single sign-on

Sign in to your application using Microsoft Active Directory or ADFS for an additional €149,- per month.