Evy Evaluation

Digital support for periodical employee evaluation, 360 feedback, performance monitoring, competence frameworks, training opportunities and increase of employability.

Patty Portal

Extended self-service portal with possibility to request vacation days, IT office supplies and to support communication between managers and teams.

Quentin Quotino

Let this template be your director of advanced quotations based on a line up of (connected) variables. Support automated quotation with real time data.

Data Diana

Connect multiple data sources, combine and use data in smart data driven workflows. Compare actuals with planning or manage exceptions effortless.

Barry Backoffice

Provide an easy-to-use self service portal to employees for managing benefits, claims, refunds, expenses, commissions and more. Save time by automating procedures and event driven tasks.

Connie Contract

Digitalize the creation of labor contracts with smart templates. Add workflow for review, approval, sharing and filing. Triggre will generate a contract based on variables. Re-use a contract for multiple legal entities.

Sunny Supplier

Manage the assembly of products in an easy-to-use workflow system. Offer your employees a portal they can use on a smartphone or tablet to report statuses real-time. Support detailed workflow steps for production, quality assurance, shipments and maintenance.

Follow Frodo

Automate and schedule follow-up interactions based on events like meetings, requests or proposals. Start an event driven journey, combine precious digital and analog actions to hatch opportunities.

Cody Compliance

Automate compliance as much as possible by offering your team a system that helps fill out necessary data, keeps track of performance and extracts data from processes.

Percy Purchase

Manage budget, purchasing and actuals in a workflow tool. Generate purchase orders and define an approval workflow over multiple levels or departments based on variables like budgets, amounts and authority.