Curious about what others did with Triggre? Listen to some of our customer stories here and get inspired! 

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William, IT Manager at OTX Logistics, shares with us that before working with Triggre, a lot of work in their purchase-to-order process was still done manually.

OTX, together with Triggre, improved their process by creating a client portal application, to keep the logistic information up-to-date at all times and making sure that everyone has the same, correct data.

“Triggre can focus on the process and problems that you have, and give the solutions that they think are best for you. I would definitely recommend Triggre to other people.”

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René from the NIBIG Foundation tells us they used an old application that was written in PHP. When their programmers found another job, they were stuck with an application they couldn’t change or upgrade themselves. 

René: “the company is too small to hire professional PHP programmers, so we wanted to be able to create applications ourselves and take back control.” So, he got in touch with Triggre!

“I wanted to make an application myself, without relying on programmers. I definitely recommend Triggre to anyone who can’t afford or won’t use programmers.”

What else did people do?

“My experience with Triggre is very good. It is far better than the products I have used in the past.”

“Triggre is very user-friendly, so even a beginner can start building applications right away.”

“It’s promising. Triggre meets our desire to develop our own application in the best way.”